We really like Christmas lights. No, we mean REALLY. In an effort to nurture our obsession, we’ve set out to create the most awesome Christmas light display in Olympia. We hope you’ll come visit.

Oly Lightstravaganza’s story begins in the 1990’s on Olympia’s Westside, where a young Luke engaged in friendly competition with his mom’s neighbor for the most awesome Christmas light display on Calais Lane. Fast forward to 2004, when Luke met Whitney, who discovered and encouraged his Christmas light madness.

Oly Lightstravaganza grew for several years at it’s second location, Luke and Whitney’s Eastside Olympia home on 9th Avenue. In 2009, having pondered expanding the light display to the neighbor’s house across the street or moving, Luke and Whitney decided to build a new house on a larger lot, and Oly Lighstravaganza’s current location was born.

2023 was Oly Lightstravaganza’s last year (for the forseeable future) as the family is relocating to be able to stay closer to their equine family member.

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