Best Places to Buy Lights

One of the questions we frequently receive is “where do you get your lights?”

We buy lights from several different online suppliers. These suppliers offer:
-Standard warranties (generally 3 “seasons”)
-Commercial quality lights (heavier grade wire and better sealed bulbs and connectors than retail lights – they last longer so there’s less frequent replacement, resulting in cost savings and less sent to the landfill)
-Available in any color, size or length combination
-Better pricing when purchasing in bulk
-Less packaging when purchasing in bulk

We use different suppliers depending on what we are looking for, and on price. Here are our faves:
Christmas Designers
Environmental Lights
Christmas Lights Etc.

We do still hit Target and other stores on December 26th to see if we find anything interesting, but each year we end up with less and less from those places. That said, it’s tradition, so we’ll be up bright and early again this year!

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