More than 100,000 LED lights on nearly 1000 strings that come in 40 types, sizes and colors powered by over 100 extension cords and cables.

Best Olympia-Area Light Displays

We’re constantly asked “what other light displays do you recommend?” Here are our local faves. Have a display you love that’s not on here? Let us know so we can check it out!

Best Places to Buy Lights

One of the questions we frequently receive is “where do you get your lights?”

Where to Recycle Christmas Lights

Don’t throw out your old light strands. Recycle them! Holiday light recycling programs take your old strands and recycle the components inside them.

How Much Is Your Electricity Bill?

The most common question people ask about Oly Lightstravaganza is “how much is your electricity bill?!?”, assuming we spend bazillions of dollars to power the display. Not so, owing in large part to the display being composed primarily of LED lights, which are far more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting.

How Many Lights Can I Plug In Together?

There are two parts to the “How many lights” question – the number of lights strings that can be connected together, and the number of light strings that can be on a single circuit. Before I go too far please remember that I’m not an electrician so if your house burns down because you followed my advice, don’t sue me.

The Environmental Effects of Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting is a long standing tradition. Each year, cities and residents turn their holiday lights on, setting a festive, cozy tone for the winter season. We believe neighborhood light displays like Oly Lightstravaganza encourage neighbors to come out and meet each other. Neighbors building relationships with other neighbors promotes a variety of good things: familiarity, awareness and improved public safety. Over the years many a neighborhood project has had its genesis in a conversation between neighbors while visiting our display.